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FLEXLOC® Self-locking nuts are one piece, all-metal, prevailing torque locknuts that lock positively on screws, studs, or other threaded members.  They keep your assemblies intact despite impact, shock or vibration.  FLEXLOC nuts require nothing else to assemble, come apart, be forgotten, or lose, such as lock-wires, lock washers, or inserts.  Because they lock without seating, they "stay put" anywhere on a bolt, stud or once the locking threads are fully engaged- so they can also be used as stoop nuts.


With FLEXLOC nuts, every thread, including those in the locking section, carries its full share of the load, and resists working free even under the most severe vibration.


FLEXLOC nuts help solve the problem of keeping threaded fasteners tight- at the right preload.  They provide your products with greater reliability, a major advantage in today's reliability conscious climate. They eliminate complicated time consuming methods of locking fasteners, and simplify inventory and handling, assembly time and costs, because they need no auxiliary locking devices.  They can be removed easily and reused repeatedly without impairing locking ability.


FLEXLOC nuts are more dependable than plain nuts and lockwashers, castellated nuts and cotter pins, and jam nuts.  They can be used to higher temperatures than non-metallic insert type locknuts, with temperature ranges from sub-zero to 800°F.


Standard FLEXLOC locknuts are available in four different materials:  Carbon and Alloy Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Brass, and Aluminum Alloy 2024T4.  Other material and alloys are available on special order.  All materials are constantly checked to maintain control of the mechanical properties of fabricated locknuts.


All FLEXLOC locknuts, except those made of stainless steel without silver plating, meet the locking torque requirements of MIL-N-25027.  Unplated stainless steel FLEXLOC locknuts are not recommended for applications requiring reusability.  Tests required by MIL-N-25027 include 15 unseated installation and removal cycles with the bolt fully engaging the locking area on each cycle.


FLEXLOC self-locking nuts are available in Heavy Duty Hex and Light Hex in both full and thin height.  They are also available in Micro-size for miniature and sub-miniature assemblies.


Use heavy duty hex, full size FLEXLOC nuts for the toughest locknut applications.  They provide maximum locking power, tensile strength, and reliability.  They resist loosening under extremes of vibration or dynamic loading, and are impervious to shock or moisture.


Light hex FLEXLOC nuts give you the most performance per dollar. The same all metal construction with all threads carrying the load provides maximum strength with light weight.  Reduced across flats dimensions offer more wrenching clearance, less weight, and lower cost.


Thin height FLEXLOC nuts are available in both heavy and light hex designs.  Intended primarily for shear applications, the inherent strength of the FLEXLOC  nut design enables them to be used in many tension applications. In fact, FLEXLOC thin nuts up to 5/16" meet or exceed the minimum AN tensile requirements for full height locknuts.  Thin height FLEXLOC nuts are approximately 20% lighter, with 30% lower height than their full size counterparts.  They permit the use of shorter bolts for more compact designs, additional height and weight savings, and shorter assembly time.  Use FLEXLOC thin height nuts in critical areas where space and weight must be considered in addition to optimum reliability.


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